Teamwork, Tokens, & Treasures

Creating a healthy, happy smile requires team effort involving your orthodontist, orthodontic staff, family, friends, and you.

As part of an ongoing effort to educate our patients and reward those who understand their importance to the orthodontic team, we have developed the Teamwork, Token and Treasures Program. Every patient (that means adults too) can take part in this fun program. You will have the opportunity at each of your regularly scheduled appointments to earn up to three tokens, which can be redeemed for your choice of treasures.

Meet the Team

  • Your orthodontist designs an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.
  • Your orthodontic team members play an integral role assisting Dr. Godwin to provide quality care.
  • Your parents, siblings, and friends are there to support your efforts in achieving that great smile.
  • Can you guess who the most important team member is? That’s right, IT’S YOU, the patient! You live with your braces and care for your teeth 24 hours a day. Only you can keep your teeth and braces clean, wear your elastics properly, and avoid breaking your braces.


A wooden token will be rewarded if:

  • Your tooth brushing and oral hygiene are determined to be effective in removing the food and plaque that cause cavities and gum disease;
  • You are wearing your elastics, retainers, or headgear as instructed;
  • Your braces or other appliances are not broken or lost.

As a special bonus, you can earn 5 wooden tokens if:

  • You refer a friend to our practice and that friend joins the Bel Air Orthodontic family as an active patient.
  • You return your signed Cavity Buster's Coupon after visiting your general dentist for your regular cleaning and exam.


Save your tokens!! Your tokens can be redeemed at the time they are earned, or you can save them until you've earned enough to get the treasure of your choice:

  • 10 Tokens - Tokens Bank (great for storing your wooden tokens), CD case, sports bottle, frisbee, or Pizza Hut “free pan pizza certificate;
  • 25 Tokens - $10 iTunes gift card, $10 Google Play gift card; or gift cards to Five Below, Sweet Frog Yogurt, or Starbucks;
  • 40 Tokens - $20 Gift Card to Best Buy, Game Stop or Five Guys Burgers & Fries; or a manicure certificate to Visage Salon & Spa in Bel Air, or 2 movie tickets to Regal Cinemas;
  • 60 Tokens - $35 Gift Card to Amazon, Target, Dick's Sporting Goods or Chili's Restaurant.

We have lots of fun with this program and hope that it encourages our patients to give us the effort and cooperation that is necessary for successful completion of their orthodontic treatment. If you have any comments and/or questions about this program, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

*Note - Prizes may change as we continue to keep this program fun for all.