contest winners

Contest Winners

Dental Health Month Contest - Februaray

In celebration of National Dental Health Month, we held our Toothbrush Challenge Contest. Congratulations go to our winner, Grace Kelly. Not only did Grace answer all three trivia questions correctly, but she also guessed the exact number of toothbrushes in the jar, earning her the highest score in our Toothbrush Challenge Contest. As our winner, Grace received a $25 Target gift card. Way to go, Grace!

How close were you? The total number of toothbrushes in the jar was 87.

Let It Snow Contest - January 2020

Don’t you just love snow? After all without it there’d be no sledding, no snowball fights, no SCHOOL’S OUT snow days, and no catching snowflakes on your tongue! So it the spirit of the winter season, we held our Let It Snow Contest.

Congratulations to the winner, Olivia Straub. With an amazing entry of 111, Olivia guessed the exact number of snowballs in the jar. As our winner, she took home two tickets to Regal Cinemas along with a $25 concessions gift card.

Enjoy your night at the movies, Olivia!

Holiday Hershey Kiss Contest - December 2019

Congratulations go to the winner of our Holiday Hershey Kisses Contest, Liam Wilson. With an amazing entry of 327, Liam was just 12 away from the exact number of Hershey Kisses in the Jar. As our winner, he took home a $35 Amazon gift card. Way to go, Liam!

Here's some sweet Hershey Kisses trivia to share:

  • Hershey Kisses got their name when the machine that produced them made a “kissing” sound as the chocolate mixture was dropped onto the conveyor belt.
  • Over 24 MILLION Hershey Kisses are produced at the Hershey Chocolate plant in a single day!

Let's Talk Turkey Trivia Contest - November 2019

We all know that when it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s nothing more all-American than a turkey dinner with all the fixings. In honor of this fun-filled holiday, we decided to find out how much you knew about one of our nation’s favorite birds.

Congratulations go to Pauli Dillon, the winner of our Let’s Talk Turkey Trivia Contest. Pauli was answered 10 of the 11 trivia questions correctly, earning her the highest score. As our winner, she received a $25 Target gift card!

Halloween "Forbidden Zone" Contest - October 2019

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without candy treats, so we put them our Forbidden Zone jar and challenged you to guess the total number of sticky, chewy treats inside. With an amazing entry of 369, Abbie Youngworth was just one away from the exact number of treats in the jar. As our winner, she received a $25 gift card to Regal Cinemas for a night at the movies. Way to go, Abbie!

If those Halloween treats are still lurking around, remember to trade in those sticky, chewy treats for braces-friendly candies like chocolate or other melt-in-your-mouth goodies & don’t forget to brush & floss to protect your teeth!

Back-to-School Contest - September 2019

With schools back in session, it was time for our annual Back-to-School Brain Teaser Contest. During this year’s contest, patients were challenged to guess the correct number of Crayola crayons in the jar.

Congratulations go to Abbie Wysong whose entry of 342 was just seven away from the actual number of crayons in the jar. As our winner, Abbie took home a $20 Best Buy gift card!

Way to go Abbie!

Fill Our Pool For Back To School Raffle - Sept. 2019

Congratulations to the Fill our Pool for Back to School raffle winner, Matt Davidson. During our recent Stuff the Bus school supply drive, patients earned a raffle ticket for every donation made. Matt’s name was randomly chosen from all those who generously donated. As our winner, he received a $25 Target gift card!

All donations went to Harford County Education Foundation's annual Stuff the Bus Campaign to help students and teachers in need throughout Harford County. To learn more about HCEF and how you can help, visit their website.

Summer Seashell Contest - August 2019

Ahh, Summer . . . Don’t you just love it! There’s nothing better than sand between your toes, soaking up the sun, or collecting seashells by the seashore. We collected some seashells of our own, put them in a jar, and made them the theme of our summer contest!

Congratulations go to the winners of our Summer Seashell Contest, Kelvin Niu & Anna Geibler. With amazing entries of 261, both Kelvin and Anna came closest to actual number of seashells in the jar. As our winners, they received a $25 Rita’s gift card for some cool summertime treats!

Wondering how many seashells were in the jar? The total was 262!

Patriotic Ribbon Contest - July 2019

In celebration of the Fourth of July holiday, our reception room was adorned with yards and yards of red, white and blue ribbons. The challenge was to guess the exact length of those curly ribbons and our winner came close.

Sage Welsh made an excellent guess of  550 feet, 2 inches—just  two feet away from the actual combined length of all the ribbons. As our winner, Sage received four passes to Churchville Miniature Golf. We even threw in gift cards to Arctic Circle for some ice cream treats after the game. Way to go, Sage!

Crazy Contest of Color - June 2019

Congratulations to the winner of our Crazy Contest of Color, Aidan Height. With an amazing entry of 1024, Aidan guessed the exact number of O-rings in jar. As our winner, he took home a $20 iTunes gift card. Way to go, Aidan!

Wondering what O-rings are?  They’re your color palette for the colorful rings placed around your braces. Being able to change your colors monthly is part of what makes having braces so much fun!



Fishing Frenzy Contest - April/May 2019

With the fishing season upon us, Dr. Godwin and fishing fans everywhere were suiting up, grabbing their tackle, and hitting the water for some good old fishing fun! We thought it was a great time to have some fishing fun of our own, so we kicked off our Fishing Frenzy Contest. Lucky for you, a fishing license wasn’t needed to join in the fun. All you had to do was take a guess at the number of phony fish in the jar.

Congratulations go to  our winner, John Saltysiak. With a great guess of 1650, John came closest the actual number of fish in the jar. As our winner, John received a $35 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods for some sports gear of his own!

The actual count was 1818. . . . Now that’s a lot of goldfish!

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