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We want to make sure your orthodontic experience is a memorable one, so every month we put together a new activity at Bel Air Orthodontics. Patients and family members alike can take part in our fun-filled events. Take a guess, test your brain, and enter our raffles for a chance to win a variety of great prizes. Visit this page regularly to get details on our current contests and patient news. To get contest results and see pictures of Dr. Godwin, our staff and the latest contest winners visit our Contest Winners Page. Who says orthodontics can't be fun?

Featured Contest

At Bel Air Orthodontics, there’s always something fun happening! Whether you’re guessing the number of jelly beans in the jar or answering our brain teasers, we make sure you’re having a good time. Check back often for upcoming contests and deadlines so you don’t miss out on the exciting activities.

Dental Health Month Contest

In celebration of National Dental Health Month, we’re kicking off our Toothbrush Challenge Contest. To enter, take a guess at the total number of toothbrushes in the jar. But don’t stop there! We’re also challenging you with our toothbrush trivia questions.

The patient who answers the most questions correctly will be declared out winner. Our contest winner will take home a $25 Target gift card. The contest ends February28th, so stop by the office soon. Good luck!

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