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Here's What Our Patients Are Saying . . .

Top Notch . . . I can't say enough good things about this practice. Both my son and daughter had excellent care. Dr. Godwin is top notch. The office staff and all of the orthodontic assistants are wonderful, on time, and friendly. I would definitely recommend.
-Kathryn L.

 Perfect As Always . . . I wish every doctors office ran like this one!
-Matthew D.

Amazing . . . excellent service; family friendly atmosphere, and a doctor and staff that are personal and friendly. We drive almost an hour to get there, but would not change orthodontists!
-Rachel B.

Love Them . . . Fantastic doctor and staff. So lucky to have selected them!
-Phyllis S.

Treated Like Family . . . Dr. Godwin and his staff are always friendly and professional and I enjoy my visits even as an adult. I am glad this is the facility that I chose to trust with my orthodontic care because you are not treated like a client you are treated like family each and every time.
-Christie P.

Friendly and Prompt . . . This is the most prompt, efficient and friendly doctor's office I've ever experienced. All doctors' offices should come observe this team!
-E. Heuser

A Rare Find . . . Since we began, it has been a great experience. I always recommend Dr. Godwin. He is exceptional at what he does, and I notice he has a great relationship with ALL the patients. My son really looks up to them. This is a rare find!
-Rachel B.

Great first visit . . .  I was very impressed wiht the overall awesomeness! The staff and doctor are pleasant and friendly. The doctor explained everything to both myself and my daughter, making us feel assured and comfortable. We're very happy we chose to come here.
-Sara S.

Changed my life . . . I just wanted to thank you guys so much for straightening my teeth. It might sound a little dramatic, but you guys really changed my life! Now I can smile and be proud of my pretty teeth and say, "Hey, Bel Air Orthodontics helped me with this smile!" Anyway, I hope you guys help a lot of other kids and adults with their smiles.
-Sarah G.

We have had a wonderful experience . . . When we came for our free consultation, we never felt pressured. Everyone is so professional and friendly. I can't say enough about the staff. The office is so clean. I love coming during the holidays just to see how the office is decorated. Dr. Godwin is so nice and professional. We are going to miss seeing everyone when my son doesn't need to come back. You should give him a chance - you won't be sorry. Thank you Dr. Godwin for not only giving my son a nice smile, but for making it less painful for his parents!  
-Miriam A.

 Awesome Office!  I can't say enough good things about Dr. Godwin, his office, and staff. We are very happy here.  I highly recommend Dr. Godwin for your orthodontic needs.    
-Krista M.

We were absolutely amazed at how friendly every person in the office is . . . from Dr. Godwin, to the techs, to the office staff!  We will highly recommend Dr. Godwin to anyone who needs orthodontic work.    
-Andrew L.

We have had three children go through braces with Bel Air Orthodontics. We love the personal care of everyone from Dr. Godwin to the front desk. You always welcome us like friends. The office is clean, and we believe that we get top quality care and cutting edge technology. Thanks for everything. You have earned our loyalty.   
-Beth B.

LOVE the friendliness of Dr. Godwin and his staff . . . Dr. Godwin is honest and only suggests what he feels is necessary, rather than above and beyond as other practitioners have done. I was recently assisted by Colleen. Fantastic!
-Rhonda K.

 Best experience . . . Two children in braces and two sets of beautiful teeth! We couldn't be happier. Dr. Godwin is the best!!! All his staff is a great asset to a great business. Highest recommendations!!!
-Darlene B.

I am entering my third month of wearing braces. I am always excited to get different colored bands when I come to my appointments! The staff here is so nice, and I am always greeted with a smile. The tokens are a good way to motivate me to brush and floss. I know my teeth will be straight because of how professional everything is.  I will write another testimonial in 13 months when my braces come off. I would definitely recommend Dr. Godwin to anyone that needs braces. Thank you Dr. Godwin and all of your staff!!!!!  
-Jenna S.

A Smile Worth Waiting For . . . I remember the first time we met with Dr. Godwin and his staff to discuss my daughter's braces and her oral care. I felt like I had known them forever. I'm a single mother, so I was nervous about the out of pocket cost. The financial office was awesome. They worked out a payment plan that I was able to afford so I could give my daughter the smile she always wanted. Thank you very much to Dr. Stephen Godwin and his entire staff for such excellent care and service.    
-Debbie B.

Efficient . . . I have been very impressed with the efficiency of Dr. Godwin and all his staff. The process of getting braces for my son has been very smooth as the staff have been one step ahead of every process. This is very much appreciated and a good use of our time.    
-John L.

I tell everyone to come see Dr. Godwin. Your office is so kid-friendly and everyone is professional and caring. Keep up the good work...I really enjoy coming to your office.
-Jessie B.

Awesome . . . When I first was thinking about getting braces, I was very anxious about the whole thing. Since I have been known to SMILE alot, I was thinking that I might not be myself with braces on. The day I got my braces, I was okay with it. The assistant who put my braces on was really nice. Since then, I've been living happily ever after. I hope your experience with Dr. Godwin will be as good as mine is so far.    
-Jake B.

Dr. Godwin is simply the best . . . We have been consistently impressed over the years as our children have received treatment.  Dr. Godwin is extremely knowledgeable; the office is impeccable; the staff is friendly and kind, and we barely have to wait in the lovely waiting area!  I have recommended him to all my friends and my children do as well.    
-Linda B

Great First Visit . . . My daughter's first experience was great! Everyone was so friendly, and Dr. Godwin explained everything! The assistants were so friendly and nice to my daughter.     
-Kim C.

A Dream Come True . . . Having straight teeth and a beautiful smile was something that I never thought would happen for me. Well, never say never.  Dr. Godwin and his staff are just great. A pleasant atmosphere with helpful people encouraging you every step of the way. Thank you Dr. Godwin and staff.    
-Karen C.

Initial Visit . . . We had some trepidation upon visiting an orthodontist for the very first time, but Dr. Godwin put many of our fears to rest upon meeting him. He has a calm demeanor and is very good with children. He answered all of our questions without hesitation, and we feel good about our son's treatment plan.    
-Keith G.

Thank you . . . I want to say thank you to my parents for paying for treatment and taking me to my appointments; but most importantly, I would like to say thank you to Dr. Godwin and all of the staff for everything you have done. I always have fun coming here and hearing all the cool stories you guys tell. Thanks for making my teeth look great!
-Alexis K.

Highly recommended . . . We have had a very good experience with Dr. Godwin and his staff. Everyone has been thorough, friendly and prompt. My daughter has always felt very comfortable with Dr. Godwin and his staff. I would highly recommend them. -Jessie C.

This is one of the most efficiently run practices I've ever been to . . . The staff is always friendly, and they always make you feel at home. They do a very good job of scheduling and are always accommodating in an emergency. I will continue to recommend them.
-Marina K.

Quality Service . . . Our family has been patients of Bel Air Orthodontics since 2006. Both of my children have had their braces on and are now in the retainer stage, but continue to see Dr. Godwin periodically for post-treatment checkups. When we are not scheduled for a month or so, I actually miss going into the office! Everything about the office represents "quality" and superior customer service. The staff, facilities, cleanliness, incentive programs, and overall experience have been amazing. I cannot imagine our family going anywhere else. I have referred at least three families, and they are also very happy with Dr. Godwin and everyone at BAO. For what could be a stressful and expensive experience in general, being patients at BAO has been easy and definitely enjoyable. Our money has been well-spent! Thanks to everyone at BAO.
-Madeline C.

A wonderful two year experience . . . When I was told my two sons needed braces, I almost went into shock. Cost, braces maintenance, and constant appointments were huge concerns. My dentist recommended Bel Air Orthodontics and my concerns were satisfied. All costs were clearly explained and there have been no surprises. Bel Air Orthodontics works well with my dental insurance, and unbelievably, there have been no insurance issues. Appointments are always on time; we never have had to wait. One of my sons broke a bracket on his braces - a quick call and visit rectified this problem within a day. My sons are out of braces; however, Dr. Godwin and his staff continue to show professional concern as my sons transition into retainers. I could not be happier and would recommend Bel Air Orthodontics to anyone.
-Robert N.

Very Efficient . . . Office staff is always very pleasant and personable. We are always seen on time or a little earlier than the scheduled appointment. The most efficient medical office I have ever seen.
-Alexis R.

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