contest winners

Contest Winners

Floss is Boss Contest - February 2015

When it comes to keeping your teeth clean and healthy, Floss is the Boss! In fact, it’s so important that we held a contest in its honor. To play, patients guessed the total number of floss containers in the jar, then challenged themselves with our Floss is Boss trivia questions.

Congratulations go to our contest winner, Aric G. Not only did Aric guess the exact number of floss containers in the jar, but he also answered 100% of our trivia questions correctly. As our winner, Aric took home a $20 ITunes gift card.

Exact number of floss containers in the jar = 216.

St. Patrick's Day Contest - March 2015

During this year's St. Patrick's Day Contest, our patients had a chance to turn our penny stash into come cold hard cash. Looks like Mari Hernandez had the Luck of the Irish.

With an amazing entry of 2083, Mari came closest to the actual number pennies in the jar. As our winner, she took home a $25 cash prize.

Total number of pennies in the jar = 2204!


Easter Contest - April 2015

During this year’s Easter Contest, patients were challenged to guess the correct number of gooey, chewy jelly beans in the jar.  With an amazing entry of 2128, Logan was just 4 away from the exact number. How close were you?

The actual number of jelly beans in the jar = 2132

As our winner, Logan received a $20 gift card to Sweet Frog Yogurt. If you're in braces, remember to steer clear of chewy treats like jelly beans to keep your braces and your teeth healthy!

Crazy Contest of Color - June 2015

This year's Spring Contest challenged both your mathematical skills and your imagination. To enter, patients were asked to guess the correct number of colorful rings in the jar and then tell us what they actually were!

Congratulations go to the winner of Crazy Contest of Color, Josh Ford. With an amazing guess of 756, Josh guessed the exact number of colorful "O" rings in the jar. As our winner, he took home a $25 Best Buy gift card.

Patriotic Ribbon Contest - July 2015

In celebration of the Fourth of July holiday, our reception room  was adorned with yards and yards of red, white and blue ribbons. The challenge was to guess the  exact length of those curly ribbons and our winner came close.

Michaela Kuehne made an excellent guess of  576 feet, 5 inches—just one foot away from the actual combined length of all the ribbons. As our winner, Michaela received four passes to Churchville Miniature Golf. We even threw in gift cards to Arctic Circle for a fun-filled summer day.

Summer Seashell Contest - August 2015

Ahh, Summer  . . . Don’t you just love it! There’s nothing better than sand between your toes, soaking up the sun, or collecting seashells by the seashore?  We collected some seashells of our own, put them in a jar, and made them the theme of our summer contest!

Congratulations go to Michaela Kuehn whose guess of 260 was just two away from the actual number of seashells in the jar. As our winner, Michaela took home a $25 ITunes gift card!

Way to go Michaela . . ., You're the first patient to win two contests in a row. That's amazing!

Ravens Purple Pride Contest - September 2015

With the NFL season in full swing, we were thinking football. To show our spirit, we kicked off the Ravens season with our Purple Pride Contest.

Congratulations go to the winner of our contest, Asia Nowell. With an amazing entry of 293, Asia was just one away from the actual number of purple and black gumballs in the jar. As our winner, she took home a $25 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods.

Way to go, Asia!

Halloween "Forbidden Zone" Contest

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without candy treats, so we put them our Forbidden Zone jar and challenged you to guess the total number of sticky, chewy treats inside! With an amazing entry of 437, Blake Stallard was just three away from the exact number of treats. As our winner, he received a $25 gift card to Regal Cinemas for a fun-filled night at the movies!

Halloween is always a tricky time for patients in braces. This year’s in-office contest was a friendly reminder for those in braces to steer clear of chewy, gooey candy treats like those in our Forbidden Zone Jar.

All About Autumn Contest - November 2015

With the Signs of the Fall season are all around us,  we thought we’d test your brain power with  our All About Autumn Contest.  We had Autumn Word Scrambles, Thanksgiving Trivia and Pumpkins Facts or Fiction questions that kept many of you guessing. While our contest proved to be a real challenge for many of you, we had several patients who answered 100% of our questions correctly. We randomly chose the name of one lucky winner from all those who qualified. Congratulations go to Olivia Simon.  As our winner, she received a $25 Target gift card.

Here’s a sampling of our fun trivia that you can share with your friends . . . Did you know that the world’s largest pumpkin pie was 20 feet in diameter and weighed 3,699 pounds! What’s the recipe for a world record pie? All you need is  1,212 lbs. of canned pumpkin, 233 dozen eggs, 109 gallons of evaporated milk, 525 lbs. of sugar, 7 lbs. of salt, and 14.5 lbs. of cinnamon.  Wow!

Christmas Ornament Contest - December 2015

During this year’s holiday season we decorated our Braces-Themed Christmas tree with all the trimmings. It sparkled with strings of light, shiny retainers and, of course, those colorful balls that make the Christmas tree dazzle. In the spirit of the dazzling tree tradition, we also celebrated the holiday season with our Christmas Ornament Contest.

Patients were challenged to guess the correct number of colorful ornaments in the jar, and everyone did a great job. We had just one patient who guessed the exact number of ornaments.

Congratulations go to Kent Bero. As our winner, Kent received a $25 gift card to Best Buy. Thanks to all who joined in the contest fun!


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