contest winners

Contest Winners

Wonders of Winter Contest - January 2016

From word jumbles to wacky winter trivia, our Wonders of Winter Contest tested your knowledge of all things winter. Everyone did a great job, but we had only one patient who answered 100% of our questions correctly. Congratulations go to Sam Cox. As our winner, Sam took home a $25 iTunes gift card.

How's your winter trivia knowledge? Here's a sample of just one of our Wonders of Winter Trivia questions:

What percentage of fresh snow is composed of air?   

Fresh, undisturbed snow is composed of a high percentage of air trapped among the lattice structure of the accumulated snow crystals. Fresh, undisturbed snow typically is 80% trapped air.

St. Patrick's Day Contest - March 2016

During this year's St. Patrick's Day Contest, patients were challenged to guess the number of golden nuggets in our leprechaun’s pot of gold. It looks like Mackenie Plowman had the luck of the Irish!

With an amazing entry of 284, Mackenzie guessed the exact number of nuggets. As our winner, she received a $25 gift card to Regal Cinemas for a fun night at the movies.

Thanks to all who joined in the fun and made our contest a success!

Robin's Nest Spring Contest - May 2016

The signs of Spring are all around us . . . flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing and robins are chirping! We celebrated the start of the season with our Robin’s Egg Contest. 

Patients put on their thinking caps and took a guess at the number of robin’s eggs in the nest.

Congratuations go to Emmy Gagnon whose entry of 222 was just one away from the actual number of eggs in the robin's nest. As our winner, Emmy took home a $20 gift card to Sweet Frog Yogurt for some cool, tasty treats.

Fishing Frenzy Contest - June 2016

With the fishing season upon us, Dr. Godwin and fishing fans everywhere were suiting up, grabbing their tackle, and hitting the water for some good old fishing fun! We thought it was a great time to have some fishing fun of our own, so we kicked off our Fishing Frenzy Contest. Lucky for you, a fishing license wasn’t needed to join in the fun. All you had to do was take a guess at the number of phony fish in the jar. Congratulations go to our winner, Jenna Pullen. With a great guess of 1738, Jenna came closest the actual number of fish in the jar. As our winner, she received a $25 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods!

The actual count was 1891. . . . Now that’s a lot of goldfish!

Independence Day Contest - June 2016

During this year’s Independence Day Contest, patients were challenged to guess the number of red, white, and blue gumballs in the jar.

With an amazing entry of 342, Anna Sullivan was just one away from the exact number of gumballs. As our winner, Anna received passes to Churchville Miniature Golf for a fun-filled day of golf. We even threw in gift certificates to Arctic Circle for some ice cream treats after the game.

Way to go, Anna!

Salt Water Taffy Contest - August 2016

It just wouldn’t be summer without  trips to the beach, strolls on the boardwalk, and memories of caramel corn and salt water taffy. While those gooey, chewy summertime treats are off-limits to those in braces, there’s no reason why we couldn’t have some fun with them during this year’s Summer Contest!

Patients were challenged to guess the number of salt water taffy in the jar. While many of you came very close, we had just one patient guess the exact number. Congratulations go to Jackie Farmer. As our winner, Jackie received a $25 Target gift card!

Back-To-School Brain Teaser Contest - September 2016

With the lazy days of summer gone and school bells ringing, it was time for our Back-To-School Brain Teaser Contest. This year, patients were challenged to guess the correct number of Crayola crayons in the jar.

Everyone did a great job, but we had just one patient who guessed the exact number. With an amazing guess of  360, Kayleigh Gallagher had the winning entry. As our winner, Kayleigh took home a $20 Best Buy gift card!

Way to go, Kayleigh!

Halloween Contest - October 2016

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without the traditional candy corn, so we put them in a jar and challenged our patients to guess the total number of treats inside. Congratulations go to Sophia Sotirakos whose guess of 900 came closest to the actual number of candy corn in the jar.  As our winner, she received a $25 gift card to Regal Cinemas for a night at the movies!

Wondering how close your guess was? The actual number of treats in the jar = 913.

Remember to trade in those sticky, chewy treats for some braces-friendly alternatives to avoid breakage to your braces!

Autumn Acorn Contest - November 2016

Falling acorns are a sure sign that autumn has arrived, so we decided to make them the feature of our Autumn Contest. Patients were challenged to guess the correct number of acorns in the jar, and our winner, Joshua Schucker, did an amazing job. His guess of 720 was just four away from the actual number. As our winner, Joshua took home a $25 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card!

So how much do you know about acorns? Here’s some fun acorn trivia . . .

  • The older the tree gets, the more acorns it will produce because the tree must save up enough energy and resources to develop the fruit.
  • Once an acorn falls to the ground, it has less than a 1 in 10,000 chance of growing into an oak tree.

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