contest winners

Contest Winners

M&M Madness Contest - February 2014

During our M&M Madness Contest patients were challenged to guess the correct number of M&M's in the jar. With matching entries of 2050, both Brennan Gray and Jacqueline Corcoran came closest to the actual number. As our winners, Brennan and Jacqueline took home movie tickets to Regal Cinemas and a bag of M&M treats!

During our M&M Madness Contest, patient were also asked to put on their thinking caps and try their luck at our M&M Trivia Contest. We had two patients answer six of the seven trivia questions correctly. Congratulations go to Morgan Haller and Neriah Evans (not pictured) who also won movie tickets to Regal Cinemas.

While M&M's are in households across the world, you might be surprised to learn that one of your favorite chocolate candies have a story all their own. To see all the trivia contest results, you can download the results here. Thanks to all who joined in the M&M Madness!

Did You Know? . . . In 1981, M&M's were chosen by the first space shuttle astronauts to be included in their food supply. M&M's are now on permanent display at the space food exhibit of the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

Luck of the Irish Contest . . . March 2014

Our St. Patrick’s Day contest results are in and congratulations go to our winner, Shelby Greb. We had over 350 patients try their luck at this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Contest. There were lots of great entries, but it was Shelby who had the Luck of the Irish!

With an amazing entry of 222, Shelby was just two away from the actual number of golden nuggets in our leprechaun’s pot. As our winner, Shelby received a $20 ITunes gift card.

Actual number of golden nuggets in the jar = 224!


Take Me Out To The Ballgame Contest - May 2014

With the baseball season in full swing, we decided to hold our Take Me Out To The Ballgame Contest. As the well-known baseball song goes, it just wouldn’t be baseball without peanuts and cracker jacks; so we made peanuts the theme of our Spring Contest.
Congratulations go to Anna Sullivan who had an amazing entry of 623, just 3 away from the actual number of peanuts in the jar. As our winner, Anna took home a $25 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods for some great sports gear of her own.

Team Trivia Contest - June 2014

During our Team Trivia Contest, patients were asked how well they know the team at Bel Air Orthodontics. We gave them a list of what makes us unique, and they were challenged to match the fun fact to the correct team member.

Fun facts like “I have a pet chameleon” and “I love playing horseshoes” kept many patients guessing, but Harley and Shelby Greb matched 100% of those fun facts correctly!  As winners, they took home gift cards to Pizza Hut and Sweet Frog Yogurt!


Salt Water Taffy Summer Contest - July 2014

It just wouldn’t be summer without  trips to the beach, strolls on the boardwalk, and memories of caramel corn and salt water taffy. While those gooey, chewy summertime treats are off limits to those in braces, there’s no reason why we couldn’t have some fun with them during this year’s Summer Contest!
Patients were challenged to guess the number of salt water taffy in the jar. While many of you came very close, we had just one patient guess the exact number. Congratulations go to Johnny Galant. As our winner, Johnny received four passes to Churchville Miniature Golf. We even threw in gift certificates to Arctic Circle for some ice cream treats after the golf game! Wondering how many were in the jar? There were 285 taffy!

The Great Eraser Caper Contest - September 2014

The theme of this year’s back-to-school contest was the simple, yet magical tool we just can’t live without . . . The Eraser! What could be more magical, after all, than a little wad of rubber that  undoes our mistakes and allows us to change our minds?

During our Great Eraser Caper, patients were challenged to guess the correct number of erasers in the jar. Congratulations go to Cali Parsons who’s entry was just 6 away from the actual number. Cali took home a $20 gift card to Staples for some back-to-school supplies!

Halloween Contest - October 2014

Congratulations to our Halloween contest winner, Sarah Markland. With a great guess of 800, Sarah came closest to the actual number of candy corn in the jar. As our winner, she received a $25 gift card to Regal Cinemas for a night at the movies!

Actual number of candy corn in the jar = 807.

How close were you?



Let's Talk Turkey Trivia Contest - November 2014

We all know that when it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s nothing more  all-American than a turkey dinner with all the fixings. In honor of this great holiday, we decided to find out how much you knew about one of our nation’s favorite birds. Congratulations go to Hanna L., the winner of our Let’s Talk Turkey Trivia Contest. Hanna was the only patient who answered 10 of the 11 trivia questions correctly. As our winner, Hanna received a $20 gift card to Best Buy!

Thanks to all who participated in our Let's Talk Turkey Contest. Everyone did a great job. You would have made your feathered friends proud!

Candy Cane Christmas Contest - December 2014

Everyone knows that  candy canes and the holidays go hand in hand. That’s why we decided to  make them the theme of this year’s holiday contest. Congratulations go to our winner, Mari Hernandez. Mari’s guess was just two away from the exact number of candy canes in the jar. As our winner, she received a $25 gift card to Target. Way to go, Mari!

Floss is Boss Contest - February 2015

When it comes to keeping your teeth clean and healthy, Floss is the Boss! In fact, it’s so important that we held a contest in its honor. To play, patients guessed the total number of floss containers in the jar, then challenged themselves with our Floss is Boss trivia questions.

Congratulations go to our contest winner, Aric G. Not only did Aric guess the exact number of floss containers in the jar, but he also answered 100% of our trivia questions correctly. As our winner, Aric took home a $20 ITunes gift card.

Exact number of floss containers in the jar = 216.

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